Surrounded by Autumn

It’s  now Teddy’s and Bunny’s turn to enjoy the autumn setting!  And of course along little Doggy.  We are all slowly getting used to this change in weather and season, with the balmier weather, falling temperatures and the pretty colours of the falling leaves.  Apart from having to change the clocks backwards and enter into darker days, it can’t all be that bad! I’d like to share a little piece I made with our little animals enjoying the autumn walks.

Ink Background

Although I used paper especially made for coloured pencils, no harm using some ink over it!  How about rolling on some Distress Oxide on the sides?  Here I used Strathmore’s Colored Pencil sketchbook (163 gsm).  As it is larger (approx 23cm x 30cm) than the sizes I normally use (A4), I thought it would be an idea to have some fun with the extra surface.


Penciling it In

I then made my little drawing directly with my coloured pencils.  This time, I fetched my set of Holbein Artist’s Colored Pencils and sketched away.  I love drawing my little creatures with exaggerated big ears and head.  Body is typically tiny and not all fours which makes it more “approachable”.  However, I made Doggie “all fours” because she’s being walked!


Colour Me Kawaii

I began colouring in the background with orange to blend with the yellow and to compliment the colours of Teddy and Bunny, using criss-cross strokes.  Then the little cute creatures:  Blue for Teddy, pink for Bunny and grey for Doggy!  I’m starting to get the knack of using coloured pencils which I’m pleased about.  Used a bit of blender as well.  Looks great but I felt a bit more could be done with the surrounding background.


Getting Spotty

To get a more autumn feel to the drawing, I thought a bit more orange would be cool.  And also add some green too to enhance the leafiness.  I found some spotty rubber stamps and as usual some bubble wrap and began making random imprints using my Distress Ink and Oxide in Spiced Marmalade, Mustard Seed and Cracked Pistachio. Now that’s much better!  Finally, I added some finishing touches and went over some parts with my coloured pencils, and I was good to go.


Again combining a number of mediums to create something interesting.  Here I used Distress Ink/Oxide and coloured pencils, and I’m happy it worked harmoniously.  It’s always fun to experiment!  Also always fun to create something cute and sweet to lighten up our autumn days!

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