Falling Leaves

Autumn was just showing signs of its beginning when we came back from our vacation a week ago.  Being a sunny day still, Little One is enjoying her walk in the park dressed in her kawaii pink jumpsuit.  She’s surrounded by some falling leaves that are still green, noticing that autumn is approaching.  And I thought a painting about her would be fun to do!

Starting with a Blank Face

By chance, I happened to have some paper (Canson’s Mixed Media paper 300 gsm) with some leftover paint brushed on.  It was some flesh-coloured paint from Jane Davenport’s Portrait set with which I painted an empty face.  Perfect!  On the bottom of the paper was some green Distress Ink smudged on it when the sponge applicator was being cleaned.


Getting Inked Up

I spread some yellow ink on the bottom 2/3 of the paper with my fingers, combining Ecoline ink (#205) and Dr. Ph Martin’s Hydrus liquid watercolour (Hansa Yellow Medium).  And now the drawing and painting begins!  I used my bamboo stick pen and some Bombay India Ink by Dr. Ph Martin’s.  First came the clouds in Iridescent Deep Blue, followed by painting in the sky with Ecoline Ink (#704).  The hair was then drawn in a variety of brown colours including Sepia and Brown then brushing on some Ecoline ink (#416).  Finally I drew the kawaii jumpsuit with the India ink in Magenta!


Getting Leafy

For the leaves, I thought some stencilling would be fun and also effective compared to simply drawing them.  I found some pretty leafy stencils and sponged in some Distress Oxide in Cracked Pistachio.  Here I had to be careful when moving the stencil around as it was smaller than the area I wanted to cover.  I added the eyes with the India ink, then coloured in the kawaii jumpsuit in pink with Gansai Tambi watercolours from the Gem series.  And now…



A sweet and simple mixed media piece I enjoyed creating.  It’s always fun recreating from leftover paint and then developing another cute artwork with it.  I also love the colour combination of this piece, particularly the contrast between the grey sky and the vibrant colours of the ground.  The drab autumn season will not stop me from using vibrant colours!


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