Walking with Ginger

In my BF’s neighbourhood lives a cat around the corner.  Such a cute but naughty ginger tabby with bright green eyes.  When I was walking back from the shops the other day, this cute cat saw me and as soon as I meowed she began pit-patting towards me from the opposite direction.  And then I stopped and stroked her, speaking to her in Japanese (don’t ask, I always do that to cats haha) as she followed me towards the house.  How could I not paint about it!  Here is my alter-ego Little One playing with this adorable ginger tabby called Ginger.

The Funky Background

The background starts off from some leftover ink.  Whilst working on my previous painting, I wiped off the excess ink off my cat stencils on another blank paper, a page from Strathmore’s Mixed Media sketchbook (190 gsm) as seen in the below left photo.  Various red and pink acrylic and Ecoline inks were then splattered and spread on, followed by scribbling cat heads with oil pastels and then layering again with the inks.  I also used some yellow on the side.

Kawaii Drawing

I firstly outlined my drawing with oil pastels before painting in the face with Jane Davenport’s Portrait Paint and dress in Dylusions paint in Cut Grass)  For the hair were various shades of brown using oil pastels, followed by spreading some modelling paste for some texture.  Modelling paste was also used for Little One’s collar and on Ginger.


Further Painting

I proceeded in painting the hair using two brown shades of Jane Davenport’s acrylic paint and adding a bit of green to blend it in with the dress.  For the eyes, I filled them in with brown as well, with the whites in Titanium White.  The cat was then painted using Dylusions paint in Tangerine Dreams.  While I filled in the collars with Titanium white, I rubbed in a bit of fluorescent green to enhance the texture from the modelling paste.  I then added some fun details with some acrylic markers for Ginger’s eyes and glitter glue for her collar.  Little One’s lashes were also dotted in with some glitter glue.  As a finishing touch I doodled in some cats heads and flowers with white acrylic marker.


Had so much fun again painting Little One!  I also enjoy the challenge of spontaneously applying inks and paints and randomly adding over them  as seen in this background.  By the same token, the idea of painting about Ginger was indeed planned but how to do so was totally left to chance.  And see what happened!  Am happy how it all turned out.


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