Tiny Little Bunny

Today I’m sharing a short but sweet drawing I did on my iPad with Procreate a few weeks ago.  Little Bunny is out with her friend and joining them is her little baby sister, Tiny Little Bunny.  How cute they all look!  The bigger bunnies are a fluffy yellow and the tiny one in kawaii pink. Great to go back to some digital artwork, sketching on my iPad again!  This time, I went for Charcoal Block and Soft Pastels and made the background grey to emulate grey toned paper which a lot of sketch artists like using.

Charcoal Block

I love how the Procreate app emulates each art medium.  This is what a charcoal block looks like.  Depending on the angle of the stylus, the charcoal gives a sharp edge or a softer flatter stroke. Looks quite realistic, you’d think it’s on paper!  Here, I made the sketch more like a doodle as I prefer the free-style look in charcoal drawings.  No perfection needed, just be cute!


Soft Pastels

The drawing was coloured in with soft pastels, including the background.  Looks real too with the powdery appearance and icy colours.  In fact, looking at this photo you would think I had actually drawn it on paper!  I had to be extra careful when colouring, especially along the borders although you can always erase the bits later.  After I was done with the colouring, I dotted the eyes with the Charcoal.  Et voilà!  I’ve kept it simple.


As I’ve always reiterated, drawing on your tablet and stylus is a useful alternative to paper and paint.  It’s on those days you want to relax and draw without having to get your stuff out and have to tidy up later.  This is also most handy when you have little time but need a creative outlet.  I use it a lot when I’m travelling and don’t want to bring all my kit.  Great to go back on it, and look forward to experimenting more with it!

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