In Matching Green

Drawing Little One in various forms is so much fun! Today, I wanted to do a little experiment using Distress Ink or Oxide to see if it’s really permanent. What happens if I draw on top of it? Would it smudge and run if painted over? I used some India Ink which is indeed permanent and then something water-soluble. Of course, Little One was more than happy to volunteer to be my muse again!

Distressed Ink Background

I grabbed a big stencil with little flowers and began rubbing some pink Distress Oxide using a sponge pad. As for paper, Strathmore Marker sketchbook (190 gsm, 22.9 x 30.5 cm) was used. I was going to use Copic Markers instead of India Ink to draw on top of the flowers but changed my mind. I was afraid that should the Distress Oxide in fact smudge when drawn on top with these markers, the felt nib could get damaged.

India Ink Drawing

Thus rather than use a felt-tip pen like Copic Markers or Pitt Artist’s Pens or even Molotow acrylic markers, I went for ink and bamboo reed pen. It worked really well! I used Dr Ph Martin’s Bombay India Inks in sepia for a lighter look. Little One looks so cute! Love that exaggeratedly huge head with huge eyes, big hair and tiny body. Kawaii!

Adding a Bit of Colour

I could have left the drawing as it was but I felt that something could be added. Besides, I wanted to test to see if water-based media like watercolor may in fact smudge the Distress Oxide Ink. Since I was looking for a medium that was transparent yet strongly pigmented, Faber Castell’s Gelatos seemed an appropriate choice. These Gelatos work like water-soluble oil pastels; they spread with water but become sealed permanently once dry. For this drawing, a light vibrant green was selected. All I did was spread some Gelato on a plastic plate and blend it with a wet brush and then colour in the eyes and outfit, I wanted to enhance the pink flower background and the vibrant green so kept it simple. There was no smudging of the ink when using water as well!

This experiment turned out as I was hoping which am very pleased about. The Distress Oxide didn’t smudge or run when drawn or painted on top, even with water-soluble mediums. I shall definitely be more often using stamp inks like Distress Ink/Oxide and Staz-on as background. Felt pens may well be introduced but I will try a small bit to see what happens. Likewise, I should like to use watercolor with these inks as well. Great to discover more mixed media means. Exciting times! And here, Little One looks so adorable in her “apple green” outfit and matching green eyes!

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