Tangerine Teddy

This is also another intuitive piece using leftover paints and inks I didn’t want to waste.  I merely brushed or spread them on with a palette knife each time I was done with a piece.  In addition, I was using this page on the sketchbook to wipe clean the ink off my stencils (see the green flowers bottom right)  and glue on origami paper scraps at my own leisure.  I then thought this would be a good time to create a painting using this melange of colours!


Layers and layers of yellow and green paint were applied using palette knife or fingers.  I also stencilled in some pink flower patterns I was using for another project worked on at the same time.  Then an idea dawned on me.  How about something orange?  It contrasts well with the blue, and to a lesser extent green, but blends in with the yellow.  I thought a blank teddy bear would be a cute idea.  As I’ve been drawing lots of bunnies lately, why not a teddy?  I dug out some orange acrylic paint and combined it with some orange fluorescent colour to make it would stand out more.  Then I worked on the background a bit more by adding some more inks and gluing a few craft-punched flower shapes from origami paper.  And here it is!


I didn’t add the face on the teddy and preferred to keep her blank.  Sometimes, just the silhouette or shape tells all and even enhances the cuteness amid a chaotic background.  I did think about adding more kawaii creatures around but left it at that and instead added a few flower cut-outs.  Besides, I prefer to enhance the teddy being a bright orange colour.  Looks different and very cute!  And so I decided to name this piece Tangerine Teddy.

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