Misty Night

Just a quick sketch I did when schedule was tight but I had the urge to draw.  I was in the mood for black paper and scribbling with pastels again, this time combining Pan Pastels with soft pastel sticks and pastel pencils.  The first thing that came to mind was Little One dressed in her cute pink pyjamas.  It’s night time, and hence the black paper.  Outside it’s quite misty with thick fog so naturally she’s curious to see what it’s like.  Is she going to be alright?  Luckily with her kawaii pink pyjamas she is quite visible.  We can’t miss her!

So first the sketching with the pastel pencils.  I realised that the body is quite big but I nevertheless continued.  Her pyjamas are supposed to be baggy and comfy!


And with the Pan Pastel, I coloured in the background.  It is actually blue tint but the end result looks paler.  I like the way the Pan Pastels give a smoky appearance, something that would not be possible with pastel sticks. Looks spooky!


And now the rest.  To give the hair a streaky look, I just used pastel sticks rather than Pan Pastels.  I used a variety of brown shades for this and smudged with my fingers.  For the face I used Pan Pastels as it evenly spreads the colour.  A combination of Pan Pastels and sticks were used for the pink pyjamas; I firstly filled the colour in with light pink Pan Pastel and then retraced the outline with a darker pink stick and blended them together with my finger.  I went for pastel sticks and pencil for the eyes, as the area is tiny.  Et voilà!


I love how stunningly vibrant and strong pastels come out, especially on black paper.  The only thing I don’t like about it though is that it can get quite messy.  Once you  jump over that hurdle, though, it’s not too bad, and you can really create some pretty pieces.  Just remember to add some fixative spray on top and store carefully.  I should like to do more black paper art as the effects can be amazing.  And Little One looks so adorable in this drawing.  More the reason to do more!

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