Powdery Teddy

Sometimes I work on a few projects at a time.  For instance, I get stuck in a rut, stop and set it aside till I get reinspired.  Then I would start something else.  Other times, I feel more energetic so while I’m working on a painting and waiting for it to dry, I grab another piece of paper and do a quick sketch.  Keeps my creative juices flowing.   Like this kawaii Teddy Bear pastel drawing I did the other day.


I dug out a pad of black paper by Cansons and some soft pastels by Talens.  Since I’ve not been using soft pastels for some time, I just got some basic medium quality ones.  Not to worry, the point of this exercise was just to practice using pastel sticks and have fun with doodling teddies! I guess with the warm temperatures, I was in the mood for dark paper to cool down with and working with some cooler shades.  For one, the blue background looks icy.  Teddy’s lemon yellow shade is also rather refreshing.  So just a quick scribble et voilà!  Although I hardly use soft pastels and prefer the Pan Pastels (less messy) sometimes it’s nice to just go back to them.

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