Here is another piece I made using leftover paint! It’s always so much fun to challenge myself and see what I should do with it and what result I could come up with!  This time, I’m giving Little One a little rest and went for simply-drawn animals.  Being summertime and considering it’s been some time since I’ve drawn them, I thought of fish.

Two Blues

Whilst working on another painting, I rolled on some excess blue acrylic paint with a brayer onto my sketchbook (Strathmore’s Mixed Media).  Another colour joined which was a more turquoise shade.  I used a palette knife to spread it around.


More Blue

At this point, though, I wasn’t even thinking about drawing fish.  Just wanted to make something blue out of this piece by adding one layer after another of ink and oil pastels.  Perhaps throw in a bit of green but not too much.  Inks used were acrylic ink (D&W or Amsterdam Acrylic), India Ink especially some iridescent ones (Dr. Ph Martins) and Ecoline Ink for some transparency.


Underwater Effect

And now it was all coming together.  A variety of blues, turquoise and a hint of some green.  How pretty it all looks together!  Of course, the logical choice of theme would be underwater, like an aquarium.  I just wanted a simple painting over it so as not to distract us from the background.  So why not introduce some fish?  With orange-coloured fish to complement the blue and green seaweed to create some harmony, since green is analogous to blue.  Balance is the key!  I got out my Faber Castell’s Gelatos for this, mixed with a bit of water,  I love how these Gelatos give a transparent appearance, especially as I didn’t want to lose the patterns in the background.  To enhance the outlines of the fishes and seaweed, I used some glitter glue!


Quite a simple piece actually with a rather chaotic background.  Notice I didn’t even add eyes to the fishes or any fine details.  Otherwise it gets too much to look at.  What I wanted to focus on was the pretty patterns in the background.  Gelatos are great to use, and I totally recommend them for a more transparent effect like this.  You’ll be seeing more of that again soon!

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