Enjoying our relaxing weekend by the sea. Yesterday temperatures hit 35°C which is highly unusual and very hot for Holland’s standards. We decided to cool down by the coast and stopped by the shores of Westkapelle. There’s also a beach there but we didn’t venture into the sea as we had conveniently forgotten to pack our swimwear! But the breeze was lovely, and we had so much fun just hanging out and listening to the waves crash and taking some photos of the scenery.

Trying New Products

So this morning, I thought it would be an idea to do a cute little watercolor painting about it! Am sure glad I brought with me my art kit. I recently bought a small box of watercolor pans by Sennelier which was quite pricey but great quality. Am sure much better than the cheap set I got on Amazon. Along with it I brought with me those pen brushes in which you fill with water. This set comes in a variety of sizes which is quite handy.

A Little Drawing

In my art kit is also a tiny Visual Journal sketchbook by Strathmore which I carry around when traveling. I then made my initial pencil sketch of what I wanted to create. Quite simple. I’m at the beach with my boyfriend on Westkapelle (literally means western cape). Am n my weekend break so keep it short and simple!

Painting Away

Once done, I began using my new stuff. Very excited! The brush pen is nothing new to me although the set is new. I’ve only used the one “standard” size in the past which was fine, but it’s also handy to have large, small, medium, flat and round brushes. I tried most and they worked really well. The pans of watercolor are great! They come in 16 different shades which to be honest is sufficient for traveling around with. In terms of quality, they are quite impressive. Pigments are intense and concentrated and you don’t really need much. For now, I went light-handed an preferred to make the painting look more transparent. So I brushed on just the water first on the area I was working on then spread some watercolor on top.

Finish with Coloured Pencils

My kit this time also consisted of two sets of Koh i Noor Polycolor 12 coloured pencils each in grey-scale and brown-scale. I figured it would be cool to add some shading of the shells with them and also line the eyes too. So here we are. How sweet do we both look!

Just a quick and easy painting today. But I was in the mood to draw and paint something this morning to document how much fun we’ve been having out here despite the soaring temperatures! And the watercolor set I’m very happy with. I’ll definitely be taking them with me when traveling, although the only drawback is that you need to paint on a table or have another flat surface to put the box on, quite unlike the compact set I already have, where you can hold it in one hand. Still it was fun painting kawaii things during our weekend away and will continue using this set when traveling.

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