Little Urchins

This was one piece I struggled getting as I liked.  Layer upon layer I tried whatever came to mind, but something was not right.  And now I am so far satisfied.  It’s taken me a few weeks to complete it but had breaks between, maybe a week or so even.  Then I came back to it with a fresh mind and continued.  It all started as usual with scraping on some leftover paint on another piece of paper.  Some fluorescent pink paint and another in yellow mixed with glass bead acrylic medium.  I thought it would also be an idea to glue on some scrap pink tissue which were actually failed attempts at cutting out flower-shapes with a craft punch!


Adding More Colour

It was one of those Random Days.  Just randomly adding one ink after another.  Some Acrylic Ink, others Ecoline Ink.  All applied with their individual droppers that come in their own bottles, then spreading with finger or just letting them drip as I turn the paper downwards.  Some blown for a spidery effect.  I even added some more scrap cut-outs ad a sequin or two.  But still I felt I was not getting anywhere with it.  So I left it but working back and forth with it occasionally for the next weeks or so.


Getting There

Then it one day dawned on me.  Perhaps what was missing was some green?  So I doodled in some fluorescent green, yellow and pink squiggles with my 3D acrylic “pen” and added some drops of fluorescent green acrylic ink.  Still not there yet.  A few days later, I discovered that I had a drawer full of Iridescent Bombay Ink by Dr. Ph Martins.  I guess I resisted using them because they are quite costly but I thought to myself they need to be used so why not?  Got brave and began applying various blues and green and even some violet with a dropper and spreading them out using a satay stick which explains that “sea urchin” effect.  And what a brilliant idea that was!  Now the painting was getting a bit more character.

Version 2It’s not the first time I’ve been in a rut with a painting.  Who hasn’t been there?  Just keep going and don’t give up is all I say.  Leave it for a few days, even a few weeks, and come back with a refreshed mind.  Here, I somehow got to the idea of introducing some iridescent ink.  They added some sparkle and definition to the otherwise dull painting.  And creating the shapes with a stick was just by chance.  Sea urchins, who would have thought!  And in pretty shades in this sea of vivid colours…

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