Red Wig and Lavender Fur

Today, Little One was in one of those adventurous moods.  She donned on a bright red wig and decided doggy should have some fun too!  So she gave her a little lavender bath so her fur would be a lavender colour as well.  Don’t worry, the colour is from natural sources and is easily washed off.  No chemicals, no toxins, no artificial stuff and never tested on animals.  No way would we ever want to use them on ourselves so certainly not on cute little animals either!  And what fun it was painting about this little adventure.


I had some leftover paint from a previous Gelli plate project I did and made a ghost print on some watercolour paper.  As the colour was a very bright yellow, I was waiting for some sunny spells till I was in the mood to use it.  It’s been a while since using ink sprays by Dylusions, and I thought this would be a good time to play around with them:  Lemon Zest, Shimmer Fresh Lime and Bronze Mica Spray.  Having some shimmer gave some more lift to the bright yellow.  This is to be the background for what’s coming up.


Drawing the Duo

On a separate paper, I made a drawing of Little One and doggy with my Copic Ciao markers.  I love the red wig!!  And how sweet is the lavender colour.  Still trying to colour properly with these markers but finding it difficult to avoid the streaks even though I use small circular motions.  For the whites of the eyes, I dotted with Copic Opaque White which does make the eyes pop out more.  It does unfortunately give a Tipex-looking effect as it’s so thick.  But not to worry, they still look cute!


Floating in Space

I carefully cut out the shapes of Little One and doggy with a small razor and tiny craft scissors.  These tools both work well together; first cut out with the razor pencil and then trim with the tiny craft scissors.  Next, I glued the cute little characters using the Japanese rice glue because the cut-outs are on rather thin paper.  Although I was happy with the positioning, I felt more could be done to complete the painting.  Out came the bubble wrap sheet with which I stamped on some prints using gold fluid paint.  Now we’re talking!

IMG_7636Quite a simple design and nothing complicated this time, although the background looks stunning.  I didn’t want to make it look too “mixed up” since the focus this time was on Little One and doggy.  For a change, it’s also fun to make the characters look unconventional and different from usual.  Today, it’s the red wig and lavender fur.  Adds some variety.  And it worked really well!  Still looks kawaii.

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