Pony and Her Puppies

Another quick outdoors watercolor painting I made today!  We were at a Polo match in Vreeland, and I painted two cute pieces, the first being Polo by the Windmill.  And as I had some time left, I thought I’d make another kawaii painting for fun!


It’s an inspiration from a pony trainer in the U.S. who uses dogs, seeing it’s a way to tame the pony and also so the dog could have some fun too!  They are known as Dally and Spanky, the dog being Dally and the pony being Spanky.  Add one more doggy, a friend of Dally.  And even more fun!

IMG_7865 (1)Another animated version of my cute little animals!  I had so much fun practicing with watercolors again and once again, getting all imaginative.  Great way to relax and pass time when you’re outdoors in an open Polo field and your boyfriend is busy photographing!

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