Polo by the Windmill

Today we were in Vreeland in the Netherlands attending a Polo match where my boyfriend photographed. It’s been a long while since we’ve been to a match because he has an arm injury which he is slowly but surely recovering from. So he’s just taking it easy. I of course took this opportunity to take my art kit and paint away!

I just had with me my 2B mechanical pencil, eraser, my tiny 14 x 20.3 cm Strathmore mixed media sketchbook and portable watercolor set with brush-pen. Today, I wasn’t quite in the mood to sketch a proper drawing of horses (was it even proper anyway?) so just doodled a cute random animé one. To be honest, I think that’s more my style. No regard to proportion and everything so random. So today, Little One is a cute polo player on her cute little pony. And since we’re in Holland, why not plonk a windmill next to them?

I colored away with my portable pans of watercolor. These I ordered through Amazon. They’re not exactly the Kuretake or Winsor & Newton standard but it’s practical and compact to carry around. Anyway, I wasn’t expecting to paint a masterpiece this time as it’s all for fun and practice. So here it is! Looks pony-like enough to me don’t you think? And doesn’t Little One look so sweet and oh so quaint in her outfit and polo stick?

Version 2

I guess I could’ve added more color to it, and the yellow on the windmill is not so visible. However I quite like the subtle and translucent appearance of this piece. It gives an aura of mystery and peacefulness, quite a change from the bold and “loud” stuff I’m more accustomed to. Perhaps I needed a little break from that. Don’t we all need a break from time to time!


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