Lost in the Jungle

For a few weeks I had been holding on to this page in my Mixed Media sketchbook.  It’s a ghost print (second print using the same ink and plate) from a square Gelli plate using a combination of fluid acrylic in Permanent Green Light and Dylusions paint in Vibrant Turquoise.   Next to this was another ghost print with the rubber stamp of leaves along with the remaining paint rolled out from the brayer.  What awesome combo the colours turned out to be!   I was initially reluctant to use this piece but then again, what a waste it would be to just leave it!


Sticking on Some Flowers

The first to come to mind was creating another flower theme!  I started by gluing on some scrap paper with acrylic medium.  In my scrap folder, I came across some magenta wrapping tissue (packaging stuff) from which I cut out some flower shapes with a craft punch.  Then along with this tissue appeared some old flower-patterned wrapping paper.  Though not as delicate as the tissue, the paper was thin enough to retain transparency from underneath.  I then smudged some Lemon Yellow and Fluorescent Pink acrylic ink with my fingers in random places around the piece.


Further Challenges

I could have stopped here and left the painting as it was.  But I was in the mood for experimenting with what else I could do with it.  So then I began playing around with my acrylic markers, Sennelier’s 3D acrylic, Nuvo Drops and even glitter glue (Ranger’s Stickles).  Even more rubber-stamping with Distress Oxide.  I spent a few days going back and forth on this piece not knowing how to further dress it up.  Of course, it’s always best to take a break from it and resume when your mind is clearer.  Now I think I’m happy with it for now although knowing me, I may come back to it in some months or years and work on it again!

Version 2

This was one of  the pieces which I enthusiastically started with then somehow got lost.  I could have stopped when I finished adding the flowers and not fix what’s not broken but I just kept on going until I was stuck in a rut.  Still perseverance helped me develop my creativity further and discover whilst experimenting.   Getting lost in the jungle seems like a suitable description of this piece as I most certainly felt like that whilst working on it.  Looking back, though, I see it more as a challenge, and challenge is always good!

And for fun, I took a close up of a portion of this piece.  How cool does that look!


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