Holiday Mood

I can do with a relaxing vacation! Somewhere exotic and away from it all. The last time we went was a year ago, traveling in the north of Japan. An what fun that was! We hope to do something similar soon. Sightseeing is great, but so would be a few days of just sitting down and relaxing peacefully under the clear blue sky surrounded with nothing but the sound of crashing waves. Little One would love that too!

One lazy evening, I decided to take my iPad and draw about it. Used the Procreate app again. I started with an azure blue background and then started sketching Little One. For the face, I suggest using the air brush and for the hair, a variety of different tones to create some dimension. And the retouch tool for the hair for some fullness.

I used the “round brush” for the red dress and added a layer of the “disco” patterns in white on top. The eyes I used the round brush as well but lined the lashes with a “pen”. How snazzy does she look! But I thought I’d jazz up the background a bit and added “spray paints” and drips of paint on top to make it look quite ocean-like. And how about a cute little flower in Little One’s hair to match her pretty dress!

Glad I still have the knack for Procreate app. And what great practice it is to come back to it! I love working with it for creating anime and playing around with all the available options. Little One looks indeed happy and enjoying her holidays in the sun. Looks like a trip to the South Pacific might be on our bucket list!

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