Dark Yellow Pockets

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day! Of course I wanted to dedicate a kawaii piece to my late mama. When I was a little girl, mum used to make clothes for me. It was the mid-60s in Japan, and pret-a-porter clothing was just starting to make their ways in the stores. And she enjoyed creating cute little dresses and knitting little cardigans for her tiny little girl. How sweet! She was very creative and had an amazing flair for fashion. My style icon.

Then at times, she’d design and make her own outfits too, along with matching ones for me. I unfortunately don’t remember much of the dresses myself, but I have some lovely photos of mama and me wearing matching outfits which I thought was so cute. One of the photos I came across was one of me and mama standing on a bridge in a Japanese Garden at the New Otani Hotel in Tokyo. We’re both wearing yellow. And the pockets are a a darker shade of yellow to add some flair. And am holding a yellow balloon as well. Kawaii!

I recreated the image by drawing it on my iPad with Procreate. It would be an “acrylic painting” with some “coloured markers” amid a pink background. Make it all anime and kawaii of course! Mama is wearing a string of pearls looking all elegant as well as nurturing and sweet with her happy smile. Holding her hand is little me in matching yellow dress with dark yellow pockets! And the white collar is mama’s bright idea. It’s detachable and interchangeable with other dresses using tiny snap buttons. In fact, you’ll see a lot of the cute round collars featured on Little One’s dresses! And this piece is for my sweet amazing mama.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mama. I am thinking of you especially on this special day. I miss and love you loads. You’re the best!

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