Bunny and Baby Teddies

It’s Good Friday today, the beginning of Easter! Though am not religious as such, I’m aware that Easter is not just about bunnies and egg-hunting of course. Still it’s a great excuse to create some cute bunny artwork! Like last year, I’ve started a little Trilogy of mixed media pieces using a single bunny cut-out. So here’s the first of the series!

Ink Background

It’s been some time since I last used Ecoline ink. These are like liquid watercolor which give a bright transparent appearance. First I applied a few drops of it in purple and violet shades and randomly spread them with a palette knife. Blue was then added over on top and scribbled around with a brush..

Making the Bunny

Using another sheet of paper (watercolor paper), I drew the bunny and coloured her in yellow with Dr. Ph. Martin’s Hydrus liquid watercolour and filled in the eyes with colour pencils. Then I carefully cut her out using a razor, making sure I can use the remaining outside portion for other artwork. The outline was traced around with a yellow acrylic marker.

Bejeweled Bunny

I glued the bunny on the violet/blue background and then added some bling to her eyes with sparkly gold Nuvo Drops. The pink chain of beads are actually also from Nuvo Drops but in pink. Doesn’t she look stunning?

Origami Paper Bits

I felt more could be added to the entire painting though. Here was an opportunity to get hold of some origami paper with traditional Japanese patterns for a bit of “fusion”. I made some small Teddy Bear cut-outs using a craft-punch and glued them on the bottom part with Japanese rice glue. Not wanting to waste the remaining scraps, I tore them up in small bits and created a collage on the bunny ears. And now, that’s better! Quite a fancy bunny but still kawaii.

So here it is, a cute mixed media piece which was relatively simple to create. The contrasting purple and blue background certainly helps let the bunny stand out. And the origami paper collage and cut-outs helped bring it all out further, along with the Nuvo Drops which add some texture and edge. Always good to combine various things. Am well pleased with the outcome!


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