So much blogging to catch up on! Between busy moments I’ve been able to squeeze in some time to paint but it’s finding the chance to write about it. Oh well, it’s not a bad thing keeping my readers in suspense about my next surprises!

Today I’m briefly writing about an experiment I tried on my iPad using the Procreate app. I was intending to recreate white chalk on black paper. However, I’m not sure if it worked out as I had hoped.

Not to worry. I must say I quite like the resulting blurriness. It makes the image quite mysterious. Even eerie and spooky. My BF says it looks like an x-ray image, and he’s right! It would be ideal for a Halloween theme but if I wait till October to post this, I may forget. Quite a simple drawing and something that didn’t turn out as expected in fact turns out to be something different and even more interesting. How cool is that!

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