Peace and Love

Second part of my Valentine’s Day “challenge”!  This time I went for the iPad and made something kawaii with the Procreate app I’ve been practicing on.  It’s all a matter of trial and error but I’m having so much fun with it!  I haven’t drawn “us” for a while, and Valentines is a great excuse to resume.  So here goes.

Hippy Chic

I wanted something vibrant and happy so opted for a blue background.  As I carefully drew us, we somehow ended up dressed up in robes which actually looked cute and even quite hippy chic.  Thought I’d develop that a bit more so added a layer of psychedelic looking patterns on the outfits.  The face was “air brushed” in so the complexion wouldn’t look too harsh.


Happy New Hair!

I added another layer and drew in the eyes, making it all anime-style for some cuteness.  And check out the hair!!!  After some brisk strokes, I went for the “retouch” mode on the menu and added some “hair strands”.  I really liked how the hair turned out, with so much body and volume, as seen below.  And of course, we mustn’t forget the headband which too was designed with the psychedelic flair.  I wanted to give more vavavoom for the background so I stepped back into the background layer and added some white clouds.  Now that’s much better.  Kinda floating in the air atmosphere!


With Love

I ended up changing the eyes to make them stand out more.  Lined them with some dark brown and added some eyelashes for both of us.  I was a bit hesitant to add them on my boyfriend at first but they certainly made him look more angelic.  The secret is to be very subtle.  For my eyes, I decided to be more elaborate. After some trial and error, I think I’m happy now!  But I felt the drawing looked a bit static and stiff.  We need some liveliness to it.  And hence I got brave, added another layer and began scribbling hearts around.  The best was even writing “love” below where our hands are next to each other.  Feeling there was previously a bit of a distance between us, this helped bring us looking closer together.  Et voilà, another simple yet adorable drawing of two people in love!


Though I’m still a novice at digital art, I’m getting the hang of it!  Just need more practice.  It’s something I would definitely like to add in my list of media I would regularly use.  And as mentioned earlier, though never the same as the real thing, it comes really handy when travelling and not wanting to lug all your art supplies around.  You’ll be seeing more of my e-paintings in the coming future!

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