Furry Bunnies

Another experimental piece from my iPad! Again using the Procreate app. I made this a week ago during our weekend away and hadn’t gotten around to sharing it but here it is. Cute little bunnies again, this time with baby bunny!

Organic Option

Here I tried out the Organic menu of the Brush library and found a few interesting patterns like Hessian and Clay. With the brush, I created some bunnies using those textures and outlined around them after, instead of the other way around.


Then added some cute details on top. Decided to make the eyes in blue! One of the cool things about this app is being able to add multiple layers which also allows easier editing. Namely, if you want to erase a certain part, you don’t erase the area beneath it too.


I wanted to experiment with the background too so tried out creating clouds with the Elements option, It worked out rather well, but maybe I should have done this on the Background layer. Not to worry, I know next time!

Am happy how it’s all turned out, especially with the textures. Looking all furry and cute. Don’t you think they look so adorable? I really enjoy practicing with this app! Will be doing more and sharing more such kawaii e-drawings soon!


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