Rosy and Bubbly

I’m really getting into this Proctrate App and having so much fun practicing! These past two days, I was working on various pieces, getting the hang of various brushes and mediums as well as layering. At the moment, much of my work is focused on “ink” and “markers” just because I’d like to begin with drawing and then filling in the colours till I get accustomed to the app.

Today I worked on Little One dressed in a cute rosy pink dress in a mint green background and surrounded by green bubbles. These bubbles are one of the patterns you can stroke or tap lightly on the tablet screen. The same with the little flowers on the collar. Quite a simple drawing, but it took some time to get it to my liking through trial and error.

Isn’t she kawaii? Looks as good as the real thing but I do miss the excitement of stenciling and gelli printing by myself, fumbling for inks and paints and making a mess! Still, it’s a wonderful way to stay creative when I am, say, traveling or just don’t have all my tools handy. Sometimes I even don’t feel like getting them out on the table. I’ll continue practicing and sharing more of my Procreate pieces in due course, but between sessions, I’ll also resume painting and sketching the real stuff. I’m starting to miss that too!

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