Create with Procreate: Fashionistas

Whilst on Instagram, I often like to check out other artists’ works and get some inspiration and ideas as well as to discover the latest tools. Could be new kinds of media like ink, paint or brushes and seeing which brands are recommended. Then there are also new methods to discover like combining watercolours with coloured pencils. I recently came across, or at least began noticing, illustration artists using digital methods on computer or tablets. Whilst I myself have the Sketches app which I’m quite pleased with as it’s user-friendly, I’ve also come across those that use Procreate, an app used more for serious illustrators and pros. I was naturally curious to go a step further and find out more about this.

After reading positive reviews about Procreate from other artists and users, I decided to take the plunge and “invest” €10.99 to see for it myself. It’s quite similar to the Sketches app in that, well, you draw on the tablet screen with a stylus and have various menu options for colours, media and brush size. But Procreate has further features as it’s obviously designed for professionals. For instance, the “sketching” sub-menu gives you a choice of various pencil and pastels types, and the “painting” gives you a choice of different brush shapes. Even with “charcoal”, you can choose among various types and consistency. Another feature I like is the possibility to do touch ups like hair and skin texture.

So here is my first attempt at this amazing app. Just scribble here and there, including two kawaii characters. Looks quite elementary but it was merely a warm-up to see what it’s all about. Normally I dismiss practice sessions and don’t bother sharing them but this was way too cute to pass! Anyway, I enjoyed having a shot at this Procreate app and would like to know more about using it. I of course to work with it more so I can improve as I get accustomed to it. As we say, practice makes perfect! And if any of you readers out there have any advice, do share!


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