Bubbly Pink

You know that pink is my favourite colour. After a stint in Christmassy shades like red, I was ready to return to pink shades again. But what to paint? Let’s start with Gelli printing (again!) using the larger plate and see what happens. Another piece where I don’t plan until I create a background and the ideas start rolling…

Pretty in Pink

This time, I used pink ink by combining Distress Oxide in Worn Lipstick and Picked Raspberry. I also found a large-sized stencil in dots. Once the inks were applied on the Gelli plate and spread with a brayer, I carefully placed the stencil on top and pressed it on before removing it and carefully transferring the plate on the paper. To fill in the white edges, I stenciled on the shapes by smudging in some of the ink. So far so sweet!

Little One and Kitty Join!

This cute pink background certainly deserves a kawaii subject on top. Instead of painting over it though, I decided to paste on some cut-out shapes. I haven’t used deli paper for some time so this was good time to do so. I drew Little One holding a Teddy Bear and next to her is her little kitty cat. For this I used markers, mainly with Jane Davenport’s alcohol-based Smooth Markers and a bit of Faber Castell Pitt Artists Pens which are derived from india ink. Both are considered permanent markers. Once done, I carefully cut them out using a razor pen.

How Cute It Looks!

One of the great things about cut-outs is that you can play around with positioning. Once happy with it, I marked it with a pencil on the background and stuck them on with Matte Medium. I retraced areas of the drawing with ink where needed. Love the green outfit! I figured it would complement well with the pink background. And the grey of the cat goes well too. I didn’t want to add anything further at this point as I wanted to enhance the pink dots and cuteness of the characters. So here we are:

Bubbly Background

I was not sure what to name this piece until I finished it. Pink Snow? But it’s not really looking snowy and besides Little One is not dressed for the cold! Pink Polka Dots? Not really. Then it dawned on me that they could well be bubbles instead! Bubbles are cute. Another simple yet kawaii painting this time using various methods like printing, stenciling and deli paper cut-outs. I enjoyed this session a lot and look forward to doing more stuff like this!

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