Snow Bunnies

This was a piece I did a few weeks ago before I got busy with my moving of the art studio and then putting priority on Christmas-themed drawings in my blogs and galleries.  It snowed briefly for a day a few weekends ago in Holland, and I wanted of course to paint about it.  Snowman is cute but what is even cuter than drawing snow bunnies instead!  I would one day like to make a snow bunny outside…

Pencil It in…

After a thin layer of white gesso on my sketchbook, I drew in pencil what came to mind.  Mini Me in a fancy snow outfit playing in the snow!  I am imagining myself making some snow bunnies with the help of some friends and now posing in front of it all excited.  Evergreen trees in the background.  Ah bliss…


Filling it all In…

It was an uncomplicated session that day for painting.  All I wanted was to relax and enjoy a day inside watching the snow from our window.  I traced the subjects firstly with a markers (Faber Castell’s Pitt Artists Pen) and filled them in with acrylic paint, including the snow bunnies.  The hair was drawn with the markers.  So far so cute!


Heaven and Earth

As for the background, I wanted a light feel to it, even a transparent one.  I used Ecoline ink firstly applied in drops and spread with a soft flat wet brush.  Grey for the sky and brown for the ground.  With the excess titanium white paint I had used for the snow bunnies, I grabbed some bubble wrap sheet and tapped a bit of the paint on the trees and around the ground and sky for a snowy effect.  Then added some finishing touches like the eyes and tree stump, not to forget a bit of green glitter glue on the edges of the trees for fun.  Looking happy and kawaii!


Happy Thoughts

I enjoyed creating this piece since it is about happiness.  It brings about my inner child wishing to be able to play in the snow.  Snow bunnies especially!  As a child growing up in Japan, I didn’t have much chance for that since it snowed very occasionally and the snow never stayed long enough to play with.  So painting about it helped conjure up happy images and made me smile.  On a technical perspective, the combination of acrylic paint, markers and loose Ecoline ink certainly provides a variety of colour strengths to make the subjects stand out amidst a misty background.

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