Going Green

Whenever I travel or am even at home in front of the tv and just feel like drawing, I just whip out my ipad and doodle away on my Sketches app! It’s especially handy when you want to paint but don’t have your stuff at hand or if you don’t feel like making a mess. The beauty of this Sketches app is that you get an option of a range of mediums to choose from. And colours too, as shown below. Here, I illustrated a sample for each corresponding media. You can, in addition, opt for creating layers or overwriting. Great for mixed media art. Oh and you can choose the types of papers as well!

I have used this app a number of times. Normally, I use a stylus to draw. This time though I decided to use my finger and just be silly. Remember how as little kids, we did finger painting? This is the “e-version” of it! So first I randomly air brushed dots on the “paper”. I thought about watercolour paper to get that diffused effect.

And now the “watercolour” on top. This time in green and drawing another mini me. Just a rough scribble without losing the cuteness. And don’t ask why! No particular reason but maybe just wanting to be free? Green to be back to basics. And feeling that all the grey in the background needs to be clean and purified and hence the beige for earth and blue for clear skies. Oh no! Maybe I feel the world is getting polluted physically and morally that I want to break away from the evils of today’s world… I’m going green indeed.

Incredible how our mind works subconsciously and how we express it without thinking. When I made this, I honestly had no clue what I was up to. I was merely having another “jam session” with the Sketches app. Hmmm, I suppose drawings that look as if they make no sense at all do make sense in the end. We create for a reason. Amazing, isn’t it, the power of art.

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