Two Doggies

Okay, am not much a fan of dogs.  Am actually more a cat person.  That said, dogs don’t really bother me as long as it doesn’t start running around and startling me like jumping on me or sniffing the food I am trying to eat haha.  But I do like drawing all sorts of animals, dogs included.  So keep your dog on a leash when am around!


Whenever I go to Polo Matches I seem to see a lot of dog owners.  Never cat owners!  I wonder why.  But I guess dogs like to roam free and prance around in the open.  It is also a social event so people want to show their dogs and socialise with other dog owners.  Such dogs come in different shapes, sizes and breed.

Yesterday’s Polo Match especially had quite a few dogs.  Some of them were actually pretty cute.  My favourite ones are those small Dachshund types with the short legs.  I love the way they pit-pat across the field like cats crossing the road!

As you notice, I don’t draw animals exactly as they are.  Am firstly crap at it but moreover I prefer to add my own variation to express how cute they look in my eyes.    Here I used the brown-scale coloured pencils from Polycolor 12 by Koh-I-Noor.  I carry the set around, along with the grey-scale ones, when I go to matches as they are portable and not messy to use compared to paints.

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