Sunset Smiles

It’s my first watercolour session at home in ages.  One of the reasons I was keeping it on hold for so long was that I was waiting to get a plank of wood from which I could stretch the paper.  We all know that prior to painting with watercolours, the paper needs to be stretched to prevent it from wrinkling and buckling up, right?  Then I came across one from an unused shelf of an old IKEA bookshelf!  Now that’s being resourceful.


So I went through the motions like taping the paper down and it works great!  Today was merely a practice on watercolours so I gave it a bit of a background wash and used some masking fluid to protect the subjects, that is, mini me and mini bf!

I must say the results came out great.  The only regret I have is that for my dress I used watercolour pens and spread the ink out with wet brush.  They are great for making the colours stand out strongly but they are not good for blending or diluting.  It came out rather flat and lacks dimension.  Compare that with the rather transparent effect of bf’s blue outfit.  Never mind, I know for next time!


The small details like the eyes I used water soluble coloured pencil in grey then dipped a thin brush in dark grey paint and went over them carefully.  I try and avoid black as it would come out too strongly…

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