Bunnies are Back!

It’s been a while since I last drew bunnies.  So I thought I’d do a bit of a comeback for them.  Yesterday temperatures soared in the late 20’s and it’s just so warm so I thought I’d let nature take it’s course in terms of artwork.  No plans, just see what happens and what I can come up with as I add layers and mediums.  So I started off tearing out bits from a local newspaper featuring fruits and then pasted them on paper.  This was followed by a supermarket receipt which was not a good idea because the ink simply dissolved along with the gel medium.


I then splashed some ink from droppers and moved the paper around to see which direction they’d go.  I think they look quite cool as they are actually!  But I didn’t feel like stopping right there and added some yellow and orange paint on top of it all and scribbled some areas with soft pastel sticks.  Then traced some shapes of two bunny heads.


It was a matter of many trials and errors of layers till I was happy with what I had, to be honest.  I was not in the mood to plan or think ahead.  Lazy.  Must be the weather.  But in the end I started getting all brave and using day-glo coloured paint in hot red and flourescent yellow.  Experimented with Granular Gel acrylic medium on the bunny’s ears too.  Then finished it up by doodling some small shapes around with white and silver gel pens.  Oh and as for the blue/orange circles, I used guess what…. toilet paper rolls!

IMG_0889Nice to be able to paint a different coloured background too.  I was getting a bit fed up with green and blue to be honest…!

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