Pink Summer Sale

Yesterday we drove to fashion outlet Batavia Stad which is not too far from Amsterdam. Though I was intending just to stock up on more T-shirts from Super Dry and pretty tops from Desigual, a couple more items mysteriously got added. A hot pink jacket and a beautiful paint pink leather handbag. I was definitely in a pink mood!

So today decided to stay home away from the extreme heat outside and make something cute and creative from yesterday’s adventure. Started with scribbling shopping bags with dark green oil pastels on a piece of mixed media paper and then gave it a wash with some yellow paint.

I kept some receipts and floor plan of the outlet grounds and tore out a few pieces of them and glued some on with some matte medium gel. Then doodled some flowers in red oil pastel. Washed it all down with a thin layer of gesso.

Added the mini me drawing on top! The face itself was drawn separately on deli paper with water-soluble crayon mixed with matte medium which provided some transparency underneath. The rest was drawn and painted directly on the mixed media paper. To add some texture I primed the hair with some modeling paste.

After painting in some hearts and T-shirts, I added another layer with bits from the receipt and floor plan and a cut-out from deli paper in the form a purple T-shirt. I painted the hair in two different shades of brown. Then painted the background as the next layer in 3 different shades of bright blue.

Concluded the painting by working in the details with white ink and gold or silver gel pen. And some bubble wrap imprints in orange and yellow. Happy when I shopped and still happy now! 😊

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