Deli Girl

I was doing some reading and came across this new idea.  Painting on deli paper!  The paper in which your carry-out sandwiches and burgers are wrapped.  I don’t know who came up with that idea but it seems to make some sense.  One side of the paper is waxed so hence water resistant thus causes no buckling or shrinking when water-based paints are used.  Nothing is more frustrating to find your paper getting all wrinkly and warped, especially with water-based painting.

So I experimented using water-soluble crayons and coloured pencils, ie sketching with them and spreading the colour with a wet brush.  Here I mixed the colour with some Gel Medium to get some interesting thickness.  The paper curled up only slightly.  I have yet to experiment with water colour paints straight from the tubes or palettes, though, to see what happens.


I like what I saw but the only thing I didn’t like is that the paper is rather thin and transparent.  Still, I am up for trying something interesting with this!   Personally I wouldn’t use deli paper as a basis for a painting per se, but creating cut-outs for collages would be an idea. Or if I do use this paper for a painting, I may paste it on a pretty background and let that show through from the transparency.

So do you like my Deli Girl?

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