Little Fairy

Something prompted me to draw little cute characters with wings.  Maybe am looking for a guardian angel in my life?  So much going on these days!  This artwork took a few days to complete since I have also been busy attending, photographing and sketching stuff from last weekend’s Polo tournament.


On my freer days I started drawing a pair of kawaii fairies in watercolour pencils and pens.  Then spread the colours around with a wet brush for that dreamy effect.  For the wings I used metallic paint and drew one in copper and bronze and the other in silver.  Wanting to make them as kawaii as possible.


I had some metallic paint left over and didn’t wan’t to waste that so I took a thicker piece of paper and scumbled away.  Once dry, I started covering the paper in four different shades of blue.  Could it be the sky?  Or are we in the ocean?  Let’s ask the little fairies!


I didn’t want the painting to look too cramped so I decided to use just the copper/bronze fairy for this.  Cut it out and pasted it on the blue paper.  Don’t worry, the silver fairy hasn’t been neglected!  It will soon be used for another project.  To complete the look, I embellished some bits with white ink and also pink.  I was not sure if I should have drawn more on the wings but I didn’t want to sacrifice the beautiful metallic paintwork…

IMG_0253 (1)

I figured the painting needed some brightening up.  Earlier in the week, I bought some Coarse Moulding Paste and thought this would be a cool way to experiment a bit.  So I combined that with lemon yellow paint and applied the mixture using choppy strokes with a palette knife.  Turned out great!  Having some texture adds some more flair, not to mention with such a bright colour.  Et voila, cute little fairy in a lemony daze…

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