Bunny Bears

Bunny Rabbits? Or Teddy Bears? Maybe one is a bunny and the other a bear? Anyway I love both and drawing both. It all started on a hot sunny day last Monday. Doodled some flowers and what looks like clouds and sun rays with oil pastels in yellow and orange. Then a wash of blue metallic acrylic paint over it so the patterns still show through.

Found bits of scrap origami washi paper and a pink heart cut-out lying around so decided to make some use of them by gluing them around the paper. Then brushed a thin layer of gesso over the whole thing, making sure the underlying still showed through.

Once the gesso dried, I took some watercolour pencil and drew a big bear on the right hand side and realized oops wrong side! And in the wrong position as well to continue with drawing the rest of the body. I quickly had to decide something! So I drew a rabbit on the left hand side. All this was purely an accident! For further chibi-ness I added little bodies on the lil creatures and surrounded them with hearts and flowers.

Took 4 different shades of green and some white acrylic paint and started painting around the subjects. I love that emerald effect! With a wet brush I spread the colours from the watercolour pencil for the drawings. Then added the eyes in blue and brown along with other finishing touches with some ink.


And how do you like the eyes?

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