Shopping Again!

Just booked a trip to London. Although I had lived in the UK for over 10 years the last time I was there was over two years ago. My main purpose of me going there this time is to visit an old friend. She looked after my late mother for about 5 years and I owe her a visit since she had visited me last summer!

But I also miss the shops in London! All the high street shops and the atmosphere of shopping! Living in Holland and standing a mere chibi 5-feet, I can rarely find clothes that fit me here and I have to say the clothes are not my taste. Too plain and bland, sorry to say…

So I am also looking forward to some serious retail therapy! I didn’t have this chance whilst in a Japan last time which by the way is another shopping paradise for me. We were too busy sightseeing!

This ink pen drawing funnily enough was done whilst I was in Tokyo the time before last in February. So now am happy to share this to coincide with my upcoming trip to London, my second favourite shopping paradise!

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