Back to Reality

Another computer graphic drawing I did on my iPad with the Sketches app whilst on the flight coming back from Tokyo!  Multiple mini-me’s floating around in a frenzy of red and orange spots from drops of “watercolour” and sprayed with some “airbrush”.  Then there is an animal’s face, perhaps another bear?  Looks more like a cat to me with its pointy ears!  They are all in grey-scale “watercolour” … The flowers and leaves though are in colour, just scribbled around.


Wonder what inspired me?  Hmm… it was 27 degrees and boiling in Tokyo when we left.  Hence the scorching background of red and orange.  I missed out on seeing my girlfriends when I was visiting Japan because we were so busy travelling around and hardly in Tokyo anyhow.  Hence the friends are the other “mini me’s”.

The animal represents all the bears we saw in our Hokkaido trip and how much in awe I was as never seen one in the wild before.  But the pointy ears?  I know, could be Hello Kitty!  Those ears without the ribbon lol.  Since I am a HUGE fan of Hello Kitty and kept buying anything with her on it.  Had a bit of a shopping spree at the airport too.

The coloured leaves and flowers most likely represent springtime, flowers in Holland (which the country is famous for) and going back to reality.  Meanwhile, everything in grey was like a “dream” and now memories from Japan which I have to leave behind… but they will always stay in my mind!

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