Kedi: Istanbul Cats

No no I wasn’t in Istanbul! But I wish. Been there a few times already, the last being 10 years ago. It’s a beautiful city. But what adds further character to it are the vast number of cats and kittens roaming around the city….

… So tells this Turkish documentary film called “Kedi” , which I managed to come across during our flight back from Tokyo. Lots of cute cats and soooo many kawaii kittens I literally squealed and bounced up and down my seat in the middle of the jumbo jet full of fellow travellers lol.


And what touched me also were the kind people looking after those poor stray cats. I actually shed some tears watching even grown men getting all sweet and affectionate towards their new feline friends, treating them like their own babies. The best parts are when kittens are being born or seeing those teeny weeny newly borns! Man I could just go on. Interestingly enough the film featured more men than women looking after them like feeding, tending and doting on them. So nice to see their soft side!

I myself don’t have cats as pets. Not very practical given that am in and out of the house a lot or traveling. So I am happy to just sit back and watch them, even speak to them in Japanese even when am not in Japan. I know am a bit crazy haha!

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