Baby Bear and Mama

During our trip to Hokkaido we also came across a wild bear and her little cub crossing our path whilst we were driving. Yes we did! Mama was sauntering across the road with her baby following her obediently. How cute was that!

Ironically we were on our way to join a 3-hour guided walk along the five lakes in Shiretoko to see if we could find some bears which in the end never appeared.

We were hoping to see some bears lurking around during our walk, and although a bit disappointed not to come across any there, we secretly smiled to ourselves that we had already seen them earlier. Turns out even better! Unexpectedly wild and loose on the road rather in a “safari-type” environment surrounded by many tourists. To add, we and another driver were the only ones who saw the bears which made it feel exclusive haha!

Apparently these bears are quite a normal site in that neck of the woods. They are not dangerous if unprovoked. Contrary to our belief, they don’t eat human beings or attack them. All they want to do is protect themselves and their babies.


So here I did another drawing on my iPad with the Sketches app! Wanted to kawaii-fy these bears a bit.

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