Can’t Believe It!

😱 Inspired by the famous Munch painting “The Scream”, that’s me amazed I actually survived getting my tooth pulled out yesterday! 😖Painted the afternoon I got home and decided to get my watercolor paints out 🎨

Felt well enough actually to paint away so here I was beginning to outline my drawing in pencil and then brush a wash in violet and cobalt blue. Whilst the paint was wet, I sprinkled some table salt over it to get some interesting patterns. But it didn’t work too well. Not to worry, at least the two colours blended together beautifully…

Following that I began painting away… and loving the pink dress. Painting in the open mouth was quite a challenge as I didn’t want to make it too red or else it would look bloody and gory which was not the intention.

I’m also afraid that I had coloured in the eyes too much so they looked more like I was wearing sunglasses. To rectify this, I took a small brush and briefly added a thin layer over of white acrylic paint. This white paint comes handy as well for adding highlights to get some dimension to the subject.

Speaking of light and shade, I thought it would be cool to make the shadow a bit green to add some warmth to the painting. Those weekly art classes I’ve been attending have most certainly helped me gain some confidence in watercolour painting,


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