I’ll Be OK

I was dreading 😟 today’s hospital appointment as was getting a tooth pulled out, yikes! It went by so quickly, before I knew it. All over now, the anesthetic wearing off though by now and just took some prescribed painkillers.

So last night I kept telling myself it’s going to be ok. Felt a bit nervous 😩 and restless so I thought I’d create a little something to help me relax and take my mind off the ordeal.

Inspired by Tracy Verdugo’s book “Paint Mojo” again, I took a piece of paper and repeatedly painted “I’ll be ok”, “I’ll be fine” and “survive”

Then I lightly coated that with a thin coat of gesso on top. After letting it all dry I took a light and darker green wax pastel and randomly doodled four-leaf clovers for good luck. Why I used wax pastel was that it is water-resistant and the bright colors ought to show through even more when painted on over.

Took a selection of yellow, orange and red tubes of acrylic paint, along with white, and made thumb prints all over the paper. I considered using stamps but I had used that before in another art work. Furthermore colours from rubber stamps don’t come out as strongly as the thumbprints do. Now that’s already starting to look cool! Kinda looks like blossoms on trees now.

Next I took some purple and roughly sketched the Mini Me. That’s me telling myself “honey, you’re going to be ok”. Decided to do something different with the eyes like enlarge them a bit for a mega manga effect and paint them green. I’ve been told that though am (as far as I know!) 100% Asian, my eyes are a lighter brown than most Asians and even with a tinge of green!

Following that I took the same four paint colours plus white I had used for the thumbprints and began brushing away around the Mini Me and the hearts ♥️ The paints were mixed with modeling paste for some added texture.

Then I coloured the hair, and with the hearts and the dress I gave it a wash of pink and blue neon paints mixed with gel for transparency. I then took some ink and drew the blue buttons on the dress and some patterns on the hearts in white.

Final touch was stamping some butterfly and flower patterns with gold ink but that didn’t stand out much. But just as well because it may have made the panting too busy. Am happy the way it turned out! And my dental surgery appointment went smoothly 😇

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