Flowers on Her Head

A strange spring it has been this year. Already mid-May but rather cold; temperatures have been well under 20 degrees and not quite “sit in the garden” weather. Flowers and trees, however, has been showing signs of Spring, And here we have LIttle One getting all excited being surrounded by all the green nature and vivid colors of the flowers in her garden. However, she’s not too keen about the weather and cheers herself up imagining wearing all those pretty flowers on her head! And of course I wanted to paint about it…

The Beginning

Thought I’d have a little practice on my Procreate App for this and play around with the different available brushes in the Jason’s Inks range purchased as add-on at the Creative Market. First the Sketchy Inker for the face followed by another layer on which I scribbled on the hair with two brown shades with the Grubby Ink. And what a great alternative these ink brushes make to the usually-used Airbrushes provided by Procreate. At this point, I was not too concerned about composition as I figured I would be moving the drawing around later.

Flower Power!

And here comes the fun part, flowers! Once again experimenting with more brushes in that Jason’s Inks range. For instance, the red flowers was drawn in with Fine Tatty Inker and duplicated twice to make three similar ones. The same method applies for the pink ones, only with Bitty Inker and duplicated to make five of them. And once again, for the yellow/orange ones but with Blotty Bleed and with four of them. Big Scruff brush was used for the green leaves. Quite a range of brushes are possible! As for the colors, I went for the Neon range included in one of the add-in sets of brushes called Lights.

Getting There

After having included the eyes using Grubby Ink, I also drew the pink dress. I forgot to note down the brush used for the dress, unfortunately, but it’s definitely among the Jason’s Inks. To make the dress more interesting, some Fine Scruffy Hatcher was in draw in yellow, a brush also from the range. It was only then that the background color was chosen to compliment the color scheme of Little One. Love this light turquoise blue shade! Now, though, you can really see the hair may need some more filling in…

Finishing Touches

Hair was further filled in using the Retouch brush for hair as well as the Hatchy Scribbler from Jason’s Inks. Now that’s much better! Then of course the eyelashes were added with one of the inks as well. I then thought a few details on the red flowers would be an idea and hence Big Fat Grungy Bristle in white, followed by a dot of pink Light Pen from the Lights range of brushes. Finally some texture in the background with Seared Stamp from the Texture Stamp range purchased also at Creative Market. And now, I think we’re done here!

Yet another simple but cute painting! For a change, I substituted my usual Airbrush with a range of inks, and the results came out amazing. An example once again of challenging beyond my comfort zone! Glad I did too as I was able to discover more possibilities with digital painting and enjoy them. And I love working with bright vivid colors too. Certainly cheers us all up during these unpredictable changes of temperatures, especially as the painting involves our sweet kawaii Little One!

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