Don’t Forget the Doggy!

So I’ve been painting a lot lately not only about Little One but also some of our favorite animals! These include teddy bears, bunny rabbits and lots of cats and kittens. But have we forgotten the doggy? Cuz our canine friends have not been featured in my artwork lately! Don’t worry, a few paintings are coming up since coming across a few kawaii breeds through friends and even on vacation. More about that later! Meanwhile, a quick sketchbook doodle and coloring I created recently….

Let’s Start with Gouache

On my small A5 Strathmore Visual Journal for Mixed Media, I was in the mood for trying out my big set of Holbein’s Gouache. This is the “purer” form of gouache and not to be confused with Holbein’s Acryla Gouache which is actually acrylic-based. Although both show similar matte chalk-like results, one is water-soluble like watercolor whilst the Acryla is not. Noted is the Opera fluorescent pink for which Holbein is famous. A little pencil sketch was followed by playing around with the gouache and scribbling the writing with black Faber Castell’s Pitt Artist’s Pens. So far so kawaii!

Final Details

Gel pens come in very handy for incorporating fine details in small drawings like this. Once again, another fun play around with supplies, this time with a variety of colors these pens come in. I don’t like to leave the white areas white unless it’s the background and hence White Gel pens are great for this. For larger areas such as Little One’s eyes, Uni Posca pens are recommended. Finally for the eyelashes and streaks for the hair (adds more dimension), I went for Faber Castell’s metallic Pitt Artist’s Pen in gold. And here we have it!

A bit of simple but cut4e doodle again here and play around with new or previously barely-used art supplies. I do love the opaque effect of the gouache and now realize I ought to use them more often in my artwork. Look how vividly the colors pop out! Gouache works so well with markers too for the finishing touches. Now our doggy is happier being featured again after a hiatus and looks forward to further appearances. Welcome back!

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