Ski Accident

Been off the radar for a few days as we’ve been on a short break to Switzerland and Italy. The plan was driving directly to Samnaun in Switzerland to spend the first three days skiing. Then continue driving to the lake district in Italy for a week of relaxation. Well that wasn’t quite a wise idea as it turned out!

Uh Oh…

So what happened on the second day? Leisurely sliding down the slope but being late April, I noticed the snow was more powdery and the surface softer which made me trip over the pile of snow and tumble down. Ended up either twisting my knee or spraining it as the skis were still on when I fell, ouch! At the time I didn’t think it so seriously despite the pain when making the wrong move but that evening I couldn’t sleep well as every time I bent or stretched the bad leg, I was in agony.

Bad Knee Injury

Well, that ski fall yesterday and subsequent knee injury was more than just an oops. I ended up coaxing my German-fluent BF to contact the local doctor rather than follow his advice of “let’s wait a few days and see what happens”. I just needed a peace of mind. We just showed up and luckily they were able to see me immediately. After a detailed consultation and an x-ray, it turned out that I’ve torn some the ligaments which will take some time to heal. They advised me to get an MRI scan when I’m back in Holland and see if there’s any further damage. Surgery was even suggested to prevent the long-term effects for those active in sports but I’ll discuss that with my physician first. Hopefully that won’t be necessary. For now, my leg is bound up and I’m walking in crutches. I wonder how long I’ll have to…

And we’ve sadly had to cut our trip short and will return home after continuing on our journey to Italy for 2 nights rather than the anticipated six. Hotel bookings for that last journey was fortunately refundable. That’s right, first it was my left ankle, then my lower back and now my right knee! Bad things come in three’s don’t they? I’ll be ok. I’m just glad I trusted my instincts and visited the doctor before my injury becomes worse… meanwhile sketching about it made me feel somewhat better!

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