Snowy March

Although the trees are still bare, some flowers have started blooming as the first sign of spring. Temperatures, however, still remain low. In fact the past few days, we’ve been having some snow! Yes in the second week of March. But let’s be positive. Snow can indeed be beautiful to look at, and combining that with flowers, imagine the contrast between the grey and the vivid. And hence I decided a little digital art to visualize this beauty!

The Start

On the Procreate app, I firstly switched the background to light grey. The first layer came some Driven Snow from one of the default brushes. Then I doodled and duplicated some flowers in yellow, pink and purple with the Crayon B brush from the FT Crayons set. A new layer for each flower was added to facilitate relocating, rotating, resizing and as we see later switching light modes.

Leafy Green

Now let’s introduce some leaves and green! Here, I used some brushes from Jason’s Expressive Brushes: Leafy Solid on one layer and Leafy Mix on another. For the Solid, I switched the Lighting Mode to Hard Light to give the painting more dimension. Looking great! However, I felt the snow was being hidden behind the plants and flowers and thus slid the layer with the snow to the top layer to emphasize it.

Light and Shine

And here comes the fun part! I began tweaking the existing flowers (yellow, pink and purple) by relocating and resizing to make way for more flowers since I felt introducing some light blue could make the painting look more complete. At this point, I also played around with the Light Modes to add further variety to the flowers: Vivid, Hard and Lighten were among of them. Lights Pen from the Light brushes set was then used to draw the blue flowers, and star trail for the red bits. And let’s not forget the glitter! Firstly, some in the centre of one of the pink flowers. I thought just that one for the flowers would suffice, since I decided some shimmer would further enhance the snow more beautifully. Here, silver Glitter Confetti and Stardust Cloud from the AJ Gold Rush brushes came handy. And now!!

What a fun session that was! I have been doing some digital artwork but working on a few at the same time. Here is the first one that I completed, as I wanted to share it before the snow goes away. What I am loving is the bright vivid colors that come with the expected start of the Spring, especially against the grey background. Brings out the energy that we all need during the cold days. With the middle of March approaching, let’s pray for warmer weather and more flowers to bloom!

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