Hello Kitty Shelves

The past few weeks have been busy as well. Whilst organizing the house more, I also began organizing my Hello Kitty collection! I have quite an extensive collection and my sweet and supportive boyfriend figured they should be displayed so I can enjoy them more. When we moved to our new home two years ago, he had promised to build some glass shelves in my designated Hello Kitty room which doubles as a study. It was an ongoing project all this time as we both prioritized the more important stuff for the house, but we finally managed to let it happen! And of course, I must sketch and paint about it…

To Begin With…

Decided to make this sketch in art journal form and hence began my sketch on a two-page spread of my Strathmore’s sketchbook, starting with pencil the going over the outlines with Faber Castell’s Pitt Artists Pens. Me on one page, him on the other with the shelving in the center. Boxes on the floor, and a few Hello Kitty’s propped on the shelf. So far so cute!

Let’s Get Painting!

Acrylic was mainly used for the painting. First the background with the top part in Sennelier Rose acrylic ink and the bottom half in Daler and Rowe’s pearlescent pink. The smaller details like the Hello Kitty’s outfits were colored with the markers, but for us, we went for Amsterdam Acrylic’s Phthalo Blue for his overalls and Sennelier Primary Red for myself. For the face and hair, Caran d’ache Neocolor II water soluble oil pastels were chosen. Looking great!

Finishing Touches

To enhance the shelves, I traced the lines with Amsterdam acrylic relief paint in silver. I did struggle a bit trying to keep the lines straight and the thickness even. However, embellishing the painting with a few Hello Kitty stickers certainly helped disguise the faults! A few other Sanrio characters were also introduced such as the mouse and Little Twin Stars. Then some glitter was added on the captions with Ranger’s glitter gel which was also used on our collars. I further lined the eyes with Ranger’s glitter glue in brown and blue for my and his eyes, respectively. And here we are!

Just a simple painting we have here, but an expressive one depicting how happy we both are. It just feels so good to get the display up and running. And of course, the Hello Kitty’s are happy too; now that they are mostly unboxed, they can at last breathe and see the light of the day! As we are settled comfortably in our new home and more or less done with unpacking the last of the boxes, I can finally relax a bit and focus more on my painting. And now, a close up of each of us, how cute!

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