All Hello Kitty’d Out

I’ve disappeared again, and now I’m back! We’ve been busy again with the next phase of our home improvement. And this time, it’s the long-awaited project that has finally materialized: Glass shelves in my Hello Kitty room to display my rather obsessive Hello Kitty collection! My sweet and thoughtful as well as skillful BF designed the layout, and together we built it all up. That firstly involved emptying out one side of the room to make way for construction which meant packing my Hello Kitty stuff in boxes and sorting what to keep, display, store sell or give away. Once that was done, we were good to go, and it took a few days for the shelves to be built. All looks great now!

One Hello Kitty

But this also meant having to spend the past week or so filling up the shelves. That’s right, it took an entire week! I was having so much fun filling the shelves up with my Hello Kitty’s to perfection that I totally forgot to have a life. And hence the painting went on hold as did my five-a-week workout, how crazy is that! Whilst making the most with the extra space created, I also realized how much more Kitty’s I have and just felt overwhelmed. And now I’ll tell you exactly what was on my mind at the time! Here is a quick digital sketch I made on Procreate, starting with just one Hello Kitty:

Hello Kitty Multiplied!

And oh no! What’s going on here? Hello Kitty has quickly multiplied, like they suddenly appeared out of the blue one by one! That is exactly what was happening as I began clearing out the space and they just kept popping up one after and another. First started as one Hello Kitty then duplicated over and over again, repositioned and resized. It was quite an intuitive process as I kept repeating the pattern till I decided to make some space for a sketch of me indeed going nuts. So here I am, surrounded and practically drowning under by my crazy Hello Kitty collection! A sort of a mixed emotion of content and excitement yet disbelief and feeling swamped.

Maybe I’ll color it in at some point, but for now just leave as is. It looks quite expressive and effective already, doesn’t it? And now that I’m pretty much done with the decorating with the Hello Kitty’s I can finally go back to normality and start painting again! Great to get my Hello Kitty collection better orgainized yet have my life back on track again.

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