Frosty Roses

Last November was a relatively warmer month. Though sadly the effect of climate change, it also meant the plants and flowers lasted a bit longer. Even the roses in our garden were still proudly in full bloom! One morning, we were amazed to discover some frost scattered on the flowers which of course made me want to photograph them and paint about it. A great way to practice drawing roses again and have another play with some digital art!

The Beginning

First some sketching with the Procreate Pencil of course. A bit of trial and error there and lots of erasing and redrawing till I got it as I liked. Practice makes perfect! I also duplicated a few of the roses and flipped them vertically. And then I decided how about including Little One! She enjoys noticiting how the roses are still standing out in the frosty mornings. And hence the face using the Medium Airbrush…

Adding Color

The roses were then filled in with pink with the Charcoal Block brush. At this point, each of the roses were assigned separate layers in case I wanted to alter or reposition any of them. Background changed to Green. I then decided to make Little One in full body rather than just the face and hence shrunk the face to accommodate the rest of her and started introducing her hair. Both using Medium Airbrush. So far so cute!

More Details

And now let’s add the frost on the roses! After a few tries with different brushes to find the perfect frosty effect, I went for Driven Snow, a brush provided by Procreate. Clipping Mask helps to confine the texture to the flowers. For Little One, the hair was enhanced and volumized with the Flowing Hair brush, followed by drawing the smiling eyes with the glitter pen (Gold Rush set) and the pearl necklace with the Light Pen (Lights set). Background was then switched from green to a more late autumn blue, incorporating Clouds for the sky and Plant Chaos on the ground, the latter of which Divided became the choice of the blending mode. Just as a kawaii finishing touch, I painted Little One’s cheeks the same pink as the roses using the Light Airbrush. Et voila!

Quite a simple but somewhat visually effective piece. All I wanted was to share my delight at discovering the roses during that frosty morning and demonstrating how various brushes can produce the different textures. Plus having it all kawaii makes it much more fun to work on the painting! And now that the roses are now long gone, I look forward to the coming Spring when more flowers, including roses, will be in full bloom in our garden!

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