Pre-Halloween Practice

More cats again! This time, it’s a digital painting done whilst following the next lesson of Mindy Lacefields “Stardust – Painting Light and Magic in Procreate”. Her next lesson “Twinkle Lights” is about enhancing light and glow in your work. Although I do add quite a lot of shine and bling in mine already, it was fun following her class and discovering other possibilities. And here I decided to use these kawaii set of ginger kitten twins as models!

The Cats

In her sample Mindy uses an existing painting but I couldn’t find a good example of my own work for this purpose since they already include a lot of shine and bling! I started from scratch starting with a ginger cat and duplicating to create twins. . The light sources were then introduced, a string of pink and turquoise bulbs. To be noted is that a separate layer was created for each cat, and another one for the lights. I made the background reasonably dark to enhance the shine and glimmer later.

Twinkle Twinkle

And here comes the fun part! Mindy herself uses the brushes by Shrill in dotty blush, fine grit and stardust in white to illustrate the twinkles from the light source. As you can see, they certainly worked well and help bring out the shine from the bulbs. For the two cats, I further created some reflection with the Soft Blend airbrush in a lighter shade then switching the blending mode to Overlay. Although Mindy doesn’t use these brushes, I took the liberty of enhancing the glow by going for the Neon Pen from the Lights set for the main cord and the bulbs. The wires for the bulbs were then drawn with a glitter pen from the Gold Rush range. Both of these sets were separately purchased as add-ons from Creative Market. And so far looking great, just need more tweaking and details.

Finishing Touches

The twinkles were further enhanced by adding some glittery sparkles from the Gold Rush brushes and even incorporating a bit of the pink and turquoise from the light bulbs. Then I painted the eyes of the cats and as added sparkle drew the eyelashes with some glitter pen. The whites of the eyes and the whiskers were, for fun, painted in with a lights pen and foil calligraphy, respectively, for more effect. Then to add balance to the composition, I introduced some scattered glitter in light blue. Just more tweaking with the glimmer from the light bulbs, and I was good to go!

Another fun session with Procreate and of course following Mindy’s classes! Although I do have my own ways about creating twinkles to my painting, it is also good to get some ideas from another artist. Biggest challenge is getting the consistency correct; not too much and not too little sparkles for instance, as well as the intensity. I definitely need more practice though, and hopefully I’ll get a knack of this soon, especially by Halloween. Meanwhile, here stand my cute ginger twin kittens proudly glowing under the light!

Click here for more about Mindy Lacefield and her amazing classes!

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