Picking Cherries

Our newly-revamped garden also has a cherry tree! It has actually been here even before we moved in but it was not very noticeable as was hidden in the corner . Since getting a gardener to prune the tree and clean up the garden a bit, though, we’ve seen how rapidly the blossoms came about and how abundantly the fruits emerged thereafter. The birds that fly past do help themselves to the cherries but we manage to pick a few. Although I’ve never been crazy about cherries, I have to say these ones are indeed delicious. And of course this inspired me for another painting, this time featuring Little One!

And how sweet she is, dressed up in a cute gardening smock with cherry patterns all over it. With her is a little basket too as she picks out the cherries and throws them in the basket. Wonder what she will do with them. Invite friends over and enjoy them? Or maybe bake a cherry pie or experiment with cherry jam! Let the imagination flow. I went for colored pencils this time roughly drawn and filled in in my sketchbook. After a light graphite pencil sketch just to draft the composition and style, I proceeded in coloring.

A variety of brands were used for this sketch including Derwent’s Colorsoft, Caran d’Ache Pablo, Holbein’s Artist’s Colored Pencils and Staedler’s Ergosoft. All have their own properties and even shades of colors particularly with green, hence it was a good idea to mix and match. And look what I came up with! Just a simple drawing this time.

What a wonderful change that was, going back to sketching purely based on colored pencils this time. It is not often I get to use them unless I am combing them with another medium like watercolor. I shall be doing more colored pencil sketches as I could definitely do with more practice with the techniques. Hopefully this is a good start!

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