Man’s Best Friend

“A dog is a man’s best friend” as the saying goes. That was clearly depicted by a rather cute statue I came across during a day out to Zeist, a nearby town in the Netherlands. So impressed I was that I photographed it and upon my return home decided I wanted to do some artwork with it!

The Statue of Eden

This bronze statue in question features a man and next to him is a dog nearly as large as him. And what huge statues they are! Upon researching, I discovered the artist who sculpted this was Israel-born Ram Katzir who resides in the Netherlands. He calls this masterpiece “Eden” and more about it can be seen on his webpage. This photograph I took myself on my phone and imported it on my Procreate app. (And yes, I contacted the artist to let him know out of courtesy, as the subject is his work). As you can see, the original background was erased and replaced by a solid pink one!

Fun with Blending Modes

And now I duplicated the pair and decided to play around with possibilities. One of the areas on Procreate I am curious about is the Blending Mode. After some experimenting, I came up with Lighten for one of them and Color Dodge for the other. What this mode does is that it picks up the color from the layer underneath, blends it with that of the present layer and gives a choice of amazing effects as seen below. So far, so cool!

Background Play

And now comes another fun part! Simply trying out the various texture brushes available. Many of these are already provided by Procreate whilst others have been purchased as add-ons. For instance, I used the stamp brushes for that marbly effect, followed by some dots on the top and then introducing some of fluffiness with the Fur brush intended for painting animals. Once again, I experimented with the blending mode and came up with some interesting ones by used Vivid Light and Linear Light. And now!

A bit different from the sort of artwork I normally do. No painting or drawing but purely experimenting with the various options available on the app itself. It was a good change for once as I can now demonstrate how stunning works of art can be done digitally. As a keen photographer, I ought to do more similar pieces like this. Statues or stones are likely to work best. Looking forward to that!

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