Twin Ginger Kittens

Whilst I adore kittens and cats, the species I’m most drawn to are orange tabbies! I suppose it all goes back to my childhood when I spotted one on the street and decided to call her Ginger. Since then, any orange tabby I come across is automatically Ginger in my book! And here I am imagining what it would be like when Ginger becomes a mother to twins. Of course, kittens do come in litters but how cute would that be!

Glitter Scribble

Today some digital painting. Here, I wanted to play around a bit with the glitter brush in the AJ Gold Rush range, a set that is an add-on. Just experimenting with colors and what happens if I use a non-metallic color like red, blue or green as glitter. And the confettis too.

Crayon Drawing

And now ready for my characters, Ginger Mama and her twins! Crayon seemed like a perfect choice here, as they reflect childhood memories. Ouf of the set of add-on brushes called FTOON Crayon, I selected Grainy Sketch and as the name suggests, the grainy texture turned out beautifully. Hearts were also added, along with the word “Kawaii” scribbled on one of them with a Neon pen from the Lights brushes. To make the painting more intriguing, I switched the background to light blue and splashed some Light Specks, once again from the Lights brushes range. And here we have it!

Another cute painting of kitties! I love experimenting with various brushes and exploring various possibilities with Procreate. The combination of glitter, lights and crayons worked rather well together. And now I’m ready to create more kawaii pieces. Who knows, I may like to add more kittens and make it a full litter!

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